Exam Information

External Exams

Practical Examinations and Speaking Tests
These will normally be held in specialist rooms/buildings.  Details of venues and times will be published well in advance.

Written Examinations
These will normally be held in the Sports Hall, though a small number of students may take their exams in other locations as published.  It is each student's responsibility to be at the correct venue, on time, for each exam.

Examination Times
Whilst some exams may start slightly earlier, our normal start times are: morning exams – 9:00 am & afternoon exams – 1.30 pm

Examination Regulations

  • If you miss an exam, you CANNOT take it at a different time, so keep your timetable safe. You will be given a final personalised GCSE timetable that will include rooms and seat numbers.
  • Unauthorised materials MAY NOT be taken into examination rooms. Bring only the basic equipment you need for each exam: black ink pen (NO OTHER COLOUR IS ALLOWED); ruler; pencil; rubber
  • Mathematical instruments are needed for relevant examinations; calculators may be used in certain exams only
  • Pencil must not be used for written answers. If you want to use a pencil-case, it MUST be completely see-through
  • Gel pens, correcting pens and correction fluid, such as Tippex, are NOT ALLOWED.

Useful Websites

 Internal Exams

Throughout the year, students from Year 7-11 will sit internal exams. This is not only to familiarise students with the process of sitting a  formal exam, but also to provide a means of assessing their progeess throughout the year.

Exams that will take place this academic year are:

  • Year 11 Mock Exams: Thu 21st Nov – Thu 6th Dec
  • Year 11 Mock Exams Maths, Eng, Sci: Mon 11th Feb – Fri 28th Feb
  • Year 10: Mon 18th Mar – Fri 29th Mar
  • Year 9: Mon 14th Jan – Fri 18th Jan                                                                 Revision booklet - Download/View
  • Year 8: Mon 17th Jun – Fri 21st Jun
  • Year 7: Tue 7th May – Fri 10th May


Year 10 internal exam timetable and revision booklet 2020 - Download/View

Year 11 revision guidance 2020 - Download/View

Year 11 Easter School 2020 Calendar - Download/View

Elevate Parent Support Programme
Free Webinars for Parents of Year 11s: Supporting Your Child Through GCSEs  - Ridgeway High School
Elevate Education are an organisation that deliver Study Skills.  They have recently attended King James's School and delivered sessions to both Year 10 and Year 11 students. We now have access to their Parent Support programme as outlined below:

Here’s what you can look forward to this year when you join up for FREE to the Elevate Support Programme:

Fortnightly webinars

We have expanded the webinar program to include additional sessions, including themes such as how to motivate your child, managing tech and increasing student resilience

Monthly e-books

Our e-book series expands on the themes covered in the webinar, providing parents with practical tips for how they can discuss and use the skills covered in the webinars with their children

Articles and blogs

We will also provide short, quick-read articles and summaries featuring tips on the themes covered in the webinars and e-books that you can include in school newsletters, social media and wider communications


The link that you will need to sign up for the webinars is: https://get.elevatecoaching.info/uk/register 
Once the link has been clicked you will then have to enter your name, the School name and an email address. 
The next webinar is on Exam Prep on Tuesday 30th November at 6pm.   
In order to watch the previous webinar back the link is:  https://get.elevatecoaching.info/uk/replay