King James's School

Character Curriculum and Tutor Time

Our Tutor Time programme will support the Character Curriculum in two different ways:

  1. Assembly themes and KJ Way Theme of the Week
  2. Student Review Weeks
  3. Tutor responsibilities


  1. Assembly themes and KJ Way Theme of the Week

A number of Personal Development themes are tracked throughout the year:

In tandem with the 5 ACE themes:


These themes are then covered within our tutor time and assembly programme.

 2. Student Review Weeks

Every fourth week, the Tutor Time programme will focus on a Student Review.

During this time, students will speak with their tutor and discuss their current progress in terms of achievement and behaviour points, attendance, punctuality, and how they are getting on in class and out of class alongside experiences of note outside school.

Students will review previously set targets in this time reflecting on what they have done well and what they could have done differently. They will also set targets for the month ahead.

 3. Tutor responsibilities

Tutor time is a critical session, which sets the tone for the rest of the day. The role of tutors is often understated, seen as an additional burden, yet it is critical. An effective tutor can have a significant positive impact on their tutees. 

A key responsibility of tutors is to go through some basic routines every morning, so that students are fully prepared for the day ahead. These include:

  1. Welcoming children into school in a positive fashion
  2. Conducting ‘back to basics’ checks every day (equipment, uniform, etc) - Coats and non-school jumpers off, Phones & Earphones in bag, Planner & Equipment Out & Checked (issues recorded on SIMs and resolved), Uniform (issues sent to Pastoral Leaders), Jewellery removed
  3. Following the tutor time programme and tasks and completing Student Review Weeks every 4th week
  4. Taking an interest in your tutees and building positive relationships with them, sharing their high moments and supporting them in their low ones
  5. Having high expectations of your tutees, counselling them when things go wrong and encouraging them to be the best they can be
  6. Engaging with parents and carers of your tutees (if and when necessary)

During assembly, tutors should ensure students:

  1. Take coats and non-school jumpers are off before entering the gym
  2. Take bags are off backs before entering the gym
  3. Enter in silence
  4. Sit in form groups in alphabetical order
  5. Behave well (by sitting with your form and actively managing behaviour)