Key Stage 4 - Years 10 and 11

Students at KS4 will typically be entered for up to 10 GCSEs depending on their 'pathway'.
All students follow GCSE courses in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Statistics, and Science. The Science course is worth 2 GCSEs. These subjects are taught in sets.
Students who have demonstrated flair and aptitude in Science also have the opportunity to take Science as an option, allowing them to gain individual GCSE qualifications in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Students choose further subjects from a range of other GCSE or vocational courses. Some students may require a more personalised learning any may follow fewer subjects dependant on their personalised needsThe full set of courses currently offered this academic year at KS4 are opposite; please click on each individual subject for further information.
In addition to the above examination courses, all students follow non-examinable courses in Physical Education, Personal and Social Education, Careers and Religious Education.
For further information, please contact Mrs P Kang at the school on 
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