King James's School

Targeted academic support

At the start of this academic year, the government released notification to all schools in England that, following the introduction of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) last March, schools would have the opportunity to run their own 'Catch-up' programme. Here at King James's School we have adopted the opportunity to run the programme 'in house' as we feel that our committed teaching staff know their students best and can tailor their support to their individual needs. 

Targeted Interventions

How we identify students in need of additional support - Coming soon

Year 11 Catch-Up Sessions 
From Monday 22 November and ongoing until the GCSE exams begin, all Year 11 students are invited to attend subject specific 'Catch-Up' sessions. They will be offered in all subject areas and will run from 3.00-4.00pm Tuesdays to Thursdays inclusive according to the following schedule:



(Late Bus) 


(Late Bus) 


(Late Bus) 

Week 1:  English/Maths/Science 




Week 2: All other non- core subjects 

Computer Science/iMedia 

History/Geography/ Classics/Sociology 



Music/Health and Social Care 


Performing Arts 

PE/Sports Studies/Art/Photography/Business 

We would greatly appreciate your support in encouraging your child to attend these sessions on a regular basis. They are taking place to ensure that all our Year 11 students are fully supported and well prepared for their GCSE examinations next summer.