About Us

King James’s School is an 11-16, mixed, comprehensive school, with a population numbering around 1050 students.

It is situated approximately 2 miles from the centre of Huddersfield, in a semi-rural position overlooking the Farnley Valley, serving a suburban area and a scatter of villages to the east and south of Huddersfield. King James’s, whose origins go back to the thirteenth century, has occupied its present site since 1547.   

In 2004 the school was designated a Specialist Science College and in 2012 it converted to an Academy.

King James’s is a truly comprehensive school. The intake has a very broad socio-economic mix and we teach children of all abilities. We also have an ethnic mix which closely resembles that of the wider British society.

Our intake comes predominantly from the priority admission area of Almondbury, Lepton, Kirkheaton and Grange Moor, but as we are a heavily over-subscribed school, we receive a significant number of children from outside the area, particularly from Dalton and Mold Green.