Teacher Training

 We are proud to be training the next generation of teachers in association with a number of local Initial Teacher Training (ITT) partners. 

We have representation on the Executive Committees of Manchester Nexus SCITT and work alongside a number of other providers including Kirklees and Calderdale SCITT and The University of Huddersfield. ​​​​​​​

If you are interested in training to be a teacher with us, please contact Vice Principal, Philip Coxon, who is our ITT Coordinator by email (staff.pcoxon@kingjames.school) or 01484 412990.

Kirklees and Calderdale SCITT is an established provider of Initial Teacher Training, rated Good in their OFSTED inspection last year and have been training teachers since 2003. They train Secondary teachers across all subjects and are able to offer placements across Kirklees and Calderdale in a range of different schools. 

King James’s School is proud to host their trainees and work closely with the SCITT in providing placements year on year. With this programme you would be in school from day one, four days a week and one day at central training.

Kirklees & Calderdale SCITT has an experienced core team of central trainers who come from differing backgrounds within Education, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to their central programme. This theoretical programme enhances and supports the school-based learning.

For more information about teacher training contact:

Cathy Scott

Tel: 01484 221177

Email: teacher.recruitment@kirklees.gov.uk 

These are the links to the Kirklees & Calderdale live courses on the DfE Find:

ART & DESIGN                   https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/A457

BIOLOGY                             https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/L107

BUSINESS St                      https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/F341

CHEMISTRY                        https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/P682

COMPUTING                      https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/U339

DT                                         https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/H598

DRAMA                               https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/L807

ENGLISH                             https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/Y851

GEOGRAPHY                     https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/M197

HISTORY                             https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/D940

MODERN LANGUAGES  https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/X528

MUSIC                                  https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/G265

PHYSICS                              https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/H139

RE                                         https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk/course/1WK/F864









Manchester Nexus SCITT has developed through the Northern Teaching School Alliance. The Cranmer Education Trust is the Accredited Provider for ITE and has established a quality assured training model for. All the schools within Manchester Nexus have experience in ITE and are active in school-led system improvement.

An unequivocal focus on excellence characterises our work, ensuring that everything we do is firmly rooted in the values that drive us – hope for the future, personalised learning and social justice. Our mission is to train teachers who will inspire, challenge and support all their pupils, both now and in the future. Nexus teachers are committed. They are skilful, creative specialists in their subjects and age ranges who continuously develop their practice and help others to do the same. Our training fosters resilience with a balanced approach that recognises the importance of personal wellbeing amid the demands of this great profession.

For more information about teacher training:

Tel: 0161 624 1484

Email: recruitment@manchesternexus.com